Montville Residences Preview Prices at Bukit Batok

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Montville is a ninety nine years establishment in District 23 of Singapore. It is found at Bukit Batok West. Avenue 6, a five minutes’ drive from a recently established Jurong East Regional Centre. At Jurong, available are many amenities at your convenience. Condominium prices in District 23 have remained steady since January 1995 to September 2016. This has an implication to buyers in that for those opting to make long term investments, Montville becomes a viable and an absolutely attractive option for them.

Montville Residences Bukit Batok West Avenue 6

Montville Residences has received substantial submissions of the highly valuable plots of land from different sources like Qingjian Reality and other developers. Its plot ratio is 3 .Being close to Jurong East, it’s highly probable that the site will benefit from the government’s strategic initiative to redevelop Jurong East area. Montville Residences Condo is therefore experiencing high levels of economic development. Qingjian Condo’s preview prices will be available soon.

The Montville project initiated and running near Jurong Lake District Qingjian is located at Anchorvale lane. It’s developed by Qingjian Reality Developers. The project is operating on a 99 years tenure period in D23 Street. It covers a total site are of 14,696 square metres and the total or gross floor area of 44,091 square metres. Bukit Batok Qingjian Realty site also belongs to Montville and it covers a total of 158,194 square kilometres and a gross floor area 474,591 square foot.

Mont Ville Qingjian Realty Prices

Montville Condo is another site located near Jurong Lake District. It is situated near many HDB housing projects which is advantageous for it because it is potentially a great site for a large number of people. Another site is Montville Bukit Batok West Avenue. It also has great potential for development due to its close proximity to many institutions such as hospitals, food centers, community clubs, and markets among many others.

Montville by Qingjian Realty is an all in one and a mix development which is located in the Heart of Bukit Batok. It is some minutes’ drive away from the town of Bukit Batok. Nearby shopping malls include West Mall, Jurong East Mall, Westgate and Big Box Malls. It also neighbours schools like Dunearn Secondary school, Swiss Cottage secondary school, St Antony’s Primary School, Millennia Institute, Dulwich College (Singapore). Located just 1.8 km away from Jurong Lake District, it is ideal for its development.

Montville Qingjian Pricing and Preview

Montville Condo Qingjian has various facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, indoor gym, children playground and the BBQ area. It is a luxurious resort centre. The development site plan will comprise a commercial component with a decent sized supermarket occupying at least 1000sq metres. Food court and children care facilities will also be available. Qingjian Reality will manage the shopping mall as a single owner. The site is located 1km away from The Bukit Batok MRT. Approximately 400 units of land will be set aside for residential homes of working professionals. It consists of the first to the third bedroom available bedrooms. Bukit Batok Street 41 and Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 has two types of facing. It is able to get to the 6th floor.

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