Northwave EC Woodlands Ave 12

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The Northwave EC will be coming soon for people that are looking into buying an executive condo within easy commuting distance of Singapore city centre. The purpose of building the complex of executives condos at Northwave is to meet the consistently strong demand for such residential properties on Singapore. People seem to be tempted to buy such homes providing that the price and the location of these condos is right for them. Executive condos even remained relatively high in value when the price of other residential types had declined.

Northwave EC Woodlands

Located in the middle of District 12 of Singapore the plot of redevelopment land, which is having the Northwave EC complex built on it is positioned in an area of Singapore that people will be content to live in as it would allow them to own a luxury property in a desirable part of the island that is within quick reach of the city centre as well as the important amenities that happen to be closer at hand. Those advantages of having a real estate development located on that part of the island were too good to be ignored by firms involved in the Singapore residential property market.

Northwave Woodlands Gambas

The firm that won the tender to build the condo complex at Northwave was Hao Yuan that have been successful in completing residential plus retail property projects over the last decade or so. They have put that previous experience to good use with how they have planned and are completing their latest project. The condos at Northwave will offer their buyers affordable luxury in a complex that has great facilities that all of the residents would be able to use besides been built in attractive surroundings.

The closeness of trading estates, shops, schools, and transport links will all be handy for the future residents.

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