The Martin Residences Showflat and Review Prices

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In recent years the construction sector and real estate businesses in Singapore have remaining relatively buoyant compared to many other countries. In many respects that has been due to the government of the island leasing out land for either retail development or the building of residential units. This has been a really sensible strategy to pursue as the people of the island love to shop while there have been major concerns that there would a shortage of housing. Singapore is small yet densely populated nation so land for building homes has tended to be in short supply. The Martin Residences Condo are being built on a land parcel that the government put up for tender.

The Martin Residences Showflat and Pricing

At the moment whichever firm or consortium wins the 99 year leases on land are deciding to build high rise towers of executive condos. It actually makes a great deal of sense to build complexes of condos on these parcels of land. More units can be completed for a square foot, and people like the idea of living in a luxury condo. The luxury look and feel of The Martin Residences showflat will go a long way in selling units without the need to highlight other attractions or advantages of living in the new complex.

The Martin Residence Floor Plans and Prices

The astute location of the new Martin Residences is arguably a great selling point as well. Travel to the city centre is really easy, especially when you consider how close the Great World City MRT station is to it. People that need to live near shops will find the new condos great in that regard as the Great World City Shopping Centre and the Concorde Shopping Centre are only a short distance from them.

If there is one thing that the people of Singapore take seriously it is shopping. Several brand new shopping malls have been opened in recent times near The Martin Residence showroom by Guocoland and prices are available soon, while the ones that were already open have sought refuge and improvements. Sopping centres are therefore in competition with each other as they seek to keep loyal shoppers whilst attempting to take custom away from all of their rivals. The developers of the new Concorde Shopping Centre are well aware of the competitive nature of the retail sector in the country and planned accordingly.

The Martin Residences Martin Place Address

They believe that their new mall is in a sound location near to The Martin Residences launch with regards to gaining custom at the expense of their rivals. Around the new centre there are car parking spaces available, which attracts shoppers that like to drive to shopping centres. People will have no problems getting to the new complex by bus, or MRT as both stop within a short walking distance of the centres itself.

Some of the recently finished condo complexes and the new one under construction at The Martin Residences Guocoland are close to the Concorde Shopping Centre too. This centre is hoping that people who have recently moved into the area, or will move into the district will shop there. However living or working close by to a shopping mall does not automatically mean that people will want to shop there. If the stores are unappealing or the facilities are poor then people may take their somewhere else, even if it involves more traveling time. To that end the centre is home to stores run by blue chip firms, has a fine eating section as well as a cinema and gym facilities.

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